"We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to"

                                                     Terri Swearingen

​Take your facility to a higher level in Sustainability!

Do you know what is in your waste stream?

I always say if you want to know anything about what goes on in your facility, go look in the trash!  You would be amazed at what is found in dumpsters, from hazardous waste items, reusable items, and above all I find an average of 40-60% recyclables in waste streams.

​Do you know where it is going & how much you are paying to take it there?

I find most companies are over-paying to have their waste hauled away to the landfill.  In addition, they are adding to their carbon footprint by sending more waste to the landfill, when most of it can be avoided for cost savings or cost neutral.